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J & A Ranch

J & A Ranch is in Stephens county, southwest of Breckenridge, Texas. J & A Ranch specializes in dove, hog and spring turkey hunting. The ranch is located in the main dove migration flyway. Because the birds are migratory, the numbers will vary from day to day, and I make every effort to make our fields attractive to the birds. There are four sunflower fields that are 35, 42, 62, 117 acres, and 16 ponds on the ranch. Some of the ponds are around the sunflower fields. The fields are cultivated for dove hunting, and with the help of good spring rains there will be a good stand of sunflowers, wheat and dove weed. I mow hunting strips in each of the fields before the season starts. There are several options for accommodations for hunters including a bunkhouse-style cabin and a guest cabin. Accommodations require advance reservation and are subject to availability.

Hubbard Creek Lake is only 12 minutes from the ranch. Our accommodations are ideal for bass clubs, giving your group a place to gather and enjoy the camaraderie before the competition of the tournament. We have boat trailer parking and electricity for charging batteries. The ranch provides a secure location for boats and fishing gear.

For more information contact:

John Jones 214-803-9908 or jaranch@outlook.com